06 September 2019

Martian Apparitions is here!

Mark Dwane goes back to the future on Martian Apparitions. A modern reimagining of his 1988 debut release, The Monuments Of Mars. Dwane continues his visionary cinematic vistas of the red planet and it's mysterious history. Martian Apparitions expands on TMOM once again transporting the listener through ancient alien ruins under crimson Martian skies. Familiar themes blend with inspiring new compositions that run the spectrum from ambient drift to supersonic symphonic. Both emotionally powerful and texturally sublime. Mark's MIDI guitar virtuosity, impressive compositional skills, and impeccable production aesthetics, add up to an exquisite listening experience!

Limited Edition CD-R of 1000, each signed and numbered on master-quality audiophile gold disc. Order your copy of Martian Apparitions before they're gone!




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